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Quiet Miracles II

"The Ultimate Intimacy "

What is the Ultimate Intimacy?

It is safe to say that this book is unlike any other you have read. Its content is meant to be devotional and inspiring. Read it carefully and with a growing sense of worship-filled awe as you approach the apex of the unfolding intimacies.

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Dr. Charles ShepsonDr. Charles Shepson has served almost fifty years as pastor, conference speaker and counselor.  He is the founder of Fairhaven Ministries, a counseling and retreat center in Tennessee, and the founding director of Fairhaven Ministries Association of Canada.  His preaching ministry has taken him to thirty-nine countries.  He is a charter member of CareGivers Forum and has been a blessing to many as he shares his real life experience through his words and books. He and his wife, Colleen, make their home in Fort Myers, Florida.

Dr. Shepson makes these books available here so that his experiences with God might be a blessing to you.

Do you have . . .

a Child or Grandchild graduating this year?  (1 & 1a)

a Child or Grandchild you would like to Influence for Christ?   (2)

Do you know someone who . . .

Lost a Spouse recently? (3)

Has a life-threatening disease? (4)

Is a Caregiver?(5)

Is suffering from depression? (6)

Has a heart that is hungry for God?(7)

          (See corresponding numbers below for my recommendation)

If so, the following books are recommended:

1.         How to Know God’s Will, (clear teaching) ORDER

1a.        "A Heart for Imbabura", (a missionary biography) ORDER

2.         Quiet Miracles I & II & III (same thrilling accounts for children                              and adults). ORDER

3.         From My Grieving Heart to Yours, ORDER

4.         Hidden Manna, Devotions for Christians battling a life-                                 threatening physical condition. ORDER

5.         Hidden Manna for the Caregiver, ORDER

6.         How to Rise Above Depression, ORDER

7.         Hidden Manna for the Hungry Heart, ORDER


"How to Know God's Will"

From the Table of Contents:

God's Will: How Elusive Is It?

God's Will: How Does He Reveal It?

God's Will: How Personal Is It?

God's Will: How Can I Find It?

God's Will: How Contemporary Is It?

Dr. Shepson's prayer is "that you will listen carefully to the 'gentle whisper' that will make very clear to your own heart what you are to believe about the will of God." (from p. 2)


"From My Grieving heart to Yours"

The Valley of the Shadow of Death does not end when our loved one heads on home! For some it actually begins at that point, because of the suddenness and totally unexpected nature of the homegoing.

Written during the period of deep grieving which followed the death of his wife, Elaine, this text contains devotionals designed to encourage and uplift the person who has lost a spouse or someone else close to him or her.

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